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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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no word on her condition right now. the flames broke out in the back of the home at 50th and kingsessing around 2:20 this morning. so far, it is not clear what sparked that fire. >> well, from the afternoon into the night hundreds took to the streets of center city philadelphia, to protest the death of freddie gray in baltimore. it was tense time. some demonstrators clashed with police. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at city hall right now where the protests began. she has more. jan? >> reporter: ukee, despite tense moments, most are calling this protest a success this morning. police say there were more than 600 people out here on the street, marching for some six hours and by the end of the night only two arrests. city hall just is starting point thursday afternoon. chopper three, over the scene as hundreds gathered with one common message. >> we made this sign as soon as we heard about everything going on, down here as far as the protests, and we just want
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justice for everybody. and we want the police to really stop killing us. >> this is really big deal, deeply root in the my heritage and my family and i think it is very important that we should all be out here. >> demonstrators here marched in solidarity with those rallying in baltimore up to the death of freddie grayment philadelphia police met before protesters set out to review the first amendment with commanders. their mission was clear, as well. >> they have the right to protest. we support. that will everyone should know. that will but we want everybody to do it peacefully. that's important. >> for the most part, the protest was peaceful, large group split in two some taking spring garden, others marching through rittenhouse square. chanting while silence is white consent. >> needs anti-blackness in the city and the country t continues to be pervasive. if it does, i mean, hey we need to address that, because it is if the going it get any better unless we start talking about it. >> eventually protesters met up near 15th and callowhill, where some tried to get on to the vine street expressway. that's where the most tension
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with police built. as police blocked the road, there was pushing police making two arrests still the message, throughout the night was loud and clear. >> police in every state needs to learn that they serve black people, just like white people. >> and "eyewitness news" spotted those protesters, some of them as late as 10:00 in the evening, marching up north broad street. they soon dispersed again many people this morning calling this a success, at the end of the night again only two arrests. we are reporting live outside city hall, jan carabeo "eyewitness news". jan, nighttime curfew in baltimore will remain in effect through the weekend. police commissioner says he is expecting large mars, last night, was relatively quiet. around curfew time woman showed up with a bullhorn, and told the crowd to go home. >> there is no time line for special prosecutor in baltimore on when she will decide whether to charge the six officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray. the city's police department has delivered its report in to
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gray's death to her and police say their investigation has revealed that the van transporting gray made an additional stop, that stop was discovered by a privately owned camera. >> happening today, a guilty plea is expected from david wildstein in the george washington bridge scandal. the former aid to governor chris christie is accused of orchestrating the 2013 lane closures for political reasons. bloomberg news also says that wildstein may be cooperating with prosecutors. governor christie has long said he did not know about the launcher yours. 5:03 katie if this is the crumb yes, sir day we have it, i'll take it. >> definitely the way to look it, this will be one of test days where wove more clouds, have column breeze, you may want to grab a sweatshirt or fleece on your way out the door, because we at best talking low 60s here today but, let's go back in time. talk about the climate for the last five months. we have really been delta dose of cold air for the course of
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specially the month of february. where we were almost 10 degrees below the seasonable average. that's a huge deal. april, though, if it felt warm to you, it was. we actually eaked out an above average month for a change. how about that? meanwhile, storm scan3 is of course showing some wet weather, the signs of life out, there steadiest heaviest rain certainly off to the south. that's generally where this storm is actually going to be staying, but, you can see that it is just far enough north to clip some of our northern most counties, so we zero in on the delaware valley, where specifically through southwestern kent and portions of sussex county, do you still have some steadier showers that northeast breeze is kicking in it, so talking at best 63 degrees in philadelphia today. cooler than average granted but hey we're still in the 60s. we're about ready justin, to see nice surge on the thermometer. just got to get past today. >> billing pattern change next
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week, much different than on this date in 1953, yes, i will say the s word again we had trace of snow on may 1st in 53 dusting of snow on the ground. that's not happening. things could be a lot worse. vine street expressway westbound, we had the two lane closures this morning from broad to the schuylkill. starting to clean it up. looks like they're on time this morning. two lanes back open, picking up those cones. hopefully they get that last left lane opened, and it will be smooth sailing on the vine as we head into rush hour. new jersey looking good, headlights on the 42 freeway dry conditions here, again as you saw on radar, you have to go south of dover to find the rain, area speeds, no problems, running at the speed limit all across the region, major roads looking good into new jersey, to the north the turnpike, northeast extension no problems. watch out on sunday, septa detours because of the broad street run. that's a look at your ride. >> jd, new bird in town, but not the oregon ducks some fans had hoped for. use their draft pick to get nelson agholor.
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>> james palmer joins with us more on agholor, so much rumors and then this happens. >> with chip kelly you have to watch the entire draft. you have no idea what he will do. what he was going to do nationally was the talk across this country. now, chip kelly wanted to possibly move up to the number two spot to land his former quarterback marcus mariota. as it turns out kelly didn't, and history has shown us, made a smart decision by staying put. now rumored shortly before the draft he was in talks with the bucks and titans, reports stating eagles were willing to part with two future first round picks, several established eagles newly acquired sam bradford, to move toward the top of the draft. according to kelly did he kick the tires of both teams. but nothing pass that. >> it was just really steep price, like driving into a nice neighborhood and looking at nice house and you say that's really nice, you hear the price and you turned around. we didn't open the front door and look around. so -- >> there you go.
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at 20 kelly said he landed the best for his team. agholor, over 1300 yards, 12 touchdowns, he draws comparisons to recently departed whited receiver journey maclin, according to kelly he is more versatile. the only measurable kelly might value more than versatility is football iq. agholor has that, and then some. you. >> you know, he is like a sponge when it is just the game of football. when he came here, we had him on visit here, you know, he had -- we are were in the room with him for a long time, because the questions he had for us about how do we attack this coverage, what do we do here, one of those guys real a student of the game. and i think you get excited when you are around guys like that. >> i like to learn all trades of the game, i like the outside, the inside. so i feel like i'll be given a opportunity to soak in as much knowledge as i can handle, then hopefully i help the guys the best way i can. >> now, coming up a little later, what do the current eagles think about their new
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teammate? we'll have their reactions and more coming up. >> very nice, guys, can do a lot. and chip likes geeks that can do a lot. >> seven more picks throughout the rest of the draft. kelly likes what every coach likes, as many offensive linemen, guys in the secondary that you can have. >> the met a for you see the expensive house you can't afford it, keep ongoing. >> keep moving. appreciate t. >> eagles held a draft party at the linc, fans had full access to the field, a lot of fun activities, then the party moved inside where monitors showed the live coverage, fans chanted for chip to do the deal. and get mariota. but they booed when tennessee pick him second. still the diehard fans liked chip's pick up. nelson agholor. >> hey, this guy looks guide on film so we're hyped. >> i love it. he remind me of a young sean jackson. i mean, he is fast, he is quick, that's going to be our man. we come to see we're going to superbowl this year, baby. >> i love birds talk. draft coverage continues in our next half hour as james
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said we'll hear from some of agholor's new teammate, welcome to the city of brotherly love sisterly affection, young man. >> monday, cool, very good. >> fun night. i imagine a lot of snooze buttons will be hit this morning out celebrating. >> no doubt. >> temple lacrosse player fighting for her life after getting hit by a car. finds out why the driver told police he sped away aftethat crash. >> also, quick thinking police officer is being called a hero. we'll tell you about the dangerous situation she noticed in a parking lot that she helped stop. >> and, a zoo put on lock-down after tiger escapes. find out what that animal did after its brief taste of freedom. >> and it is a bit of a dreary start to the day. but katie has some good news about the weekend. you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning family, we'll be right back.
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>> charges are pending against the driver after hit-and-run crash that critically injured a student.
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eighteen year old man confessed to being behind the wheel after car that hit rachael hall. twenty-two year old riding her bike home when hit by silver mitsubishi gallant near park and diamond. police say the suspect's father contacted police. >> the young man had a permit, so he told us he was afraid, he panicked and left. >> police have not released the name of the driver. he faces charges of leaving the scene after accident. >> a mother faces child endangerment charges for leaving a baby locked in a hot car. camden police officer discovered the five month old crying and sweating at a cbs parking lot at fifth street and mikhail boulevard. the officer broke a window with her baton to get the baby out that far car. the child was taken to the hospital and is in good health right now. the baby's mother was taken into custody. she told officer she was in the store for a short time. >> coming up on 5:13, traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> good morning hey everyone, we are of course tracking storm system today thankfully really only
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delivering very glancing blow to the area. northern most fringe of it. actually only at this point up into sussex county, delaware, so the extreme southern branch of our viewing area, and when we look at this nice wide zoomon storm scan3 yes so you have your storm system brewing away here over the virginias and eventually it will be moving out to sea. also, what looks like new cold front developing here, but this will actually look like it is fizzling somewhat as it migrate east here. so, this is a pretty quiet weather map overall. we have very limited severe weather potential thankfully across the deep south for day or two nice, little bit of break across a lot of those state. meanwhile, we are in for serious surge on the thermometer. when we say swing we really mean sky-rocketing temperatures here. today is the coolest day of the pack. low mid 60s, hey, still talking low mid 60s as the coolest. so it could be worse right? but because we have an area of low pressure to the south northeasterly wind flow kicks in that will keep us generally under clouds, but we will see couple of breaks with that, and also, a cool breeze to go with it.
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now by tomorrow, that storm is out of here. there is going to be little trough digging in. and that's likely to bring in just quick shower. specially from philadelphia on west. mainly late in the day tomorrow. but that's it. if you have outdoor plans this weekend, keep them. specially, on sunday, looking absolutely phenominal. upper 70s high pressure, light wind, full sunshine, doesn't get better than. >> this if you like the warmth it does, because by monday back up to the low 80s here, so it feels more like low or rather early to mid june at that point. but, for now isolated shower today. granted it is casino of dreary, but we will take it, later tonight skies do begin to clear out. drop to pretty seasonable low temperature then just off to the races here, monday, tuesday, you can't get better than that. probably looking at few showers late in the day though, there will be new cold front that comes in, by tuesday afternoon at the earliest. so we have to keep an eye on that. >> looking at 70s, 80s. >> so, so nice, so pleasant to see that down the road finally. >> 80s not there yet.
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so you can enjoy the 80s. >> he can actually. >> no complaining just yet. >> i know. >> we complain it is cold. >> that's how we roll. >> that's how the delaware valley is but weekend looking good, lots happening, broad street run sunday, of course the science carnival outside the franklin institute this weekend, as well. we tack you to the roads, the boulevard, looking okay at this hour, as we approach the schuylkill merge, right there. volume still looking light on this get away friday, good news, no rain yet. you have to go south of dover delaware, to find that rain. we take you to the vine street expressway, where we did have that construction earlier looks like two lanes are open, maybe all three now trying to clean it up. so some improving conditioning there. do it again tonight. close down one to two lanes looks like, still, one lane is closed as jammed up just little bit. watch out this weekend the manayunk norristown train lines, again weekend power department project. so check the schedules, a lot of adjustments going on, training will be running late saturday sunday.
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septa detours sunday due to the broad street run. that will will be between eight a.m. and noontime. route 23, valley forge road remains closed between more hall drive and motorcycle elvi lane. huge bridge repair project will go until late 2015. that's a look at your ride, back to you. >> justin, thank youment john stewart already making plans for when he leaves the daily show. >> we have the word for you on the big purchase he just made in new jersey. >> and a close call for this guy, walking down the sidewalk. see what he did after nearly getting wiped out by that truck. we'll be back.
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when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
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>> west philadelphia will focus on raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. this is video from a similar demonstration last month. now, today's protest starts at 40th and walnut, and will end at clark park. it gets underway at 2:00 this afternoon. >> well, call it a case of buyers remorse. some people want a do-over when it comes to college. newspaper survey shows that
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84% of graduates would make at least one change to the way they finance their education if they could do it again. about half of the people polled in the survey for the american institute of cpa's say they choose less expensive college. soap about half of the people are regretting it once they get those bills. >> i understand it. are you kidding me? i can understand that. >> took me a decade. glad that's over. >> time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> here's cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger. >> behind most innovative marketing and social media campaigns is whole marketing team. which row lies on research, pricing strategy, and creative services to prompt consumers to act. is sending right message about a company and its product or service can mean how many bottom line success, which is why companies invest significant dollars in their marketing effort. some of the more common entry level marketing positions are marketing coordinator and assistant marking or product manager. these positions usually
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require bachelors degrees in marketing or business, and job duties can vare. and, while some go into the field to find their inner don draper, it is important to understand that mark something more than the madmen story lines every beautiful ads. it real lies on hard data, which is why a financier statistic backgrounds can help you leap to the top of the field. >> marketing managers here in the philadelphia area earn median annual wage of more than $156,000. with that salary, you may be able to emulate don draper's wardrobe. i'm jill schlessenger, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts
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respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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>> coming up on hey just turned 5:23. good luck this morning already. good morning katie. >> we're very prompt. >> some showers out there? >> definitely, going little further off to the south here, do you have some rain to dodge, specifically, through southern most delaware, but everyone else, you're actually seeing little bit of light of day here, up toward the poconos, some of the northern counties actually, seeing break in the cloud cover. today, talking low and mid 60s, at best, with more clouds but as we kick off the weekend it, does get a lot bert. shooting for 07 degrees in philadelphia and that's also marking the science festival taking place out at the franklin institute. and overall some very comfortable weather for that, starts at 10:00 a.m., meanwhile, the broad street run, another big event going on in the city here, on sunday and 63 degrees as we kick start that 10-mile run. and full sunshine, going to be some really great running weather for the 36th annual run, and really expect to see some pretty pleasant weather overall for the entire weekend.
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let's go ahead, give you one quick final check on the current temperatures. meanwhile, you know, off to bit of cool start in the poconos, allentown area, 50 degrees currently at the airport, pretty seasonable overall, you have got more cloud cover to work with the further south you go, since you're a lot closer to the northern fringe of that storm. justin? >> morning, casino every lucked out with the storm, a the loft rain staying well to the south. looks like it is trying to dry up little bit. good news for travel, on this friday morning, we take you to the vine street expressway. where we had the lane closures earlier this morning westbound from broad to 76. looks like they cleaned that up on time. and, we are moving good westbound, on the vine street expressway. they'll do it again though tonight, lane closures starting at 10:00. we take you to 76, again looking eastbound, with the headlight at girard avenue, inbound traffic, starting to pick up just little bit. but moving at good speed. mlk drive weekend events, continue, goes all the way until october 25th. so it will be closed, this weekend, every saturday and sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. just reminder there.
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also septa alert again dealing with the detours, sunday, because of the broad street run. this will be detoured between 8:00 a.m. to noontime. and then, in this weekend both saturday sunday, manayunk norristown regional rail line experiencing some adjusted schedules, check the schedules, due weekend power department project. area speeds down south into delaware looking good, route 195, 495 and the delaware memorial bridge. that's a look at your ride. we send it to you. >> things back to normal this morning, oklahoma sit zoo on lockdown yesterday. after a tiger escaped its enclosure. the eye of this tiger was focused on the free world cell phone video shows the four year old tiger named lola trying to get through some netting and possibly grabbing at a leopard in another enclosure. the tiger made it through that netting. >> finally crawled all the way through this tiny hole. and it unlatched from whatever it was holding onto, potentially possibly the leopard, and kind of fell
5:26 am
inbetween its chain link fence and the chain link fence of the leopards exhibit. >> the zoo workers had to twang will eyes the tiger. exhibit closed while land letters figure out how the tying choir have escaped. officials say no one was ever in any danger. wow. >> so scary stuff. >> check this out now. close call in brazil. watch that man on the side of your screen. see what happens right there? incredible. it loses control with soda bottles flying at him. thrown against the wall, after couple of second, see him there picks up, walks away, like nothing ever happened. >> had a coke and a smile. waist all right. he was all right. >> can you believe that? >> scary. >> my goodness, that was nuts. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" bold new plan to keep the lights on in your home. justin? >> and could there and break in the bridgegate case? i'm justin finch with possible guilty plea in the scandal new this morning. >> thank you, see you in a bit. the president makes big decision about his future
5:27 am
after leaving the oval office next year. >> and, justin and katie return they've got your friday forecast, also the weekends, telling you weaver a 08 degrees in our seven day. we have couple of them. >> couple of them? >> looking forward to it. >> bring it. >> she has your forecast, justin check checking the roads when we do traffic and weather together.
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now ron does too. introducing the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. see your john deere dealer for great deere green tag savings on the e series family of tractors. a big shoes about to drop today in the new jersey bridge scandal with one of governor christie's old friends heading to court. that man who allegedly orchestrated the lane closures at the george washington bridge is expected to plead guilty in just a few hours. >> good morning, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in our satellite center to tell you more about this story. justin, good morning. >> good morning many call this case bridgegate. and for four month, grand jury has been hearing evidence in this case.
5:30 am
david wildstein is accused of pulling the trigger on those critical and congested lane closures back in september of 2013. and as soon as today bloomberg news reports that christie's childhood friends and former key aid could plead guilty. >> a mid so call bridgegate scandal, david while steen resigned his post as governor christie senior representative, to the port authority of new york and new jersey. the agency that overseas the george washington bridge. and now word wildstein may have seen a deal with federal investigators. siting an unnamed source, the news outlet bloomberg reports wildstein may plead guilty to charging document known as criminal information. >> thus far has un covered plan to close portions of the george washington bridge for quote, traffic study. though some believe the back up was pay back to the democratic mayor of fort lee new jersey who refused to back christie's re-election campaign. the bridge is fort lee thorofare and the gatewa


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